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DMR and D-Star Digital Radio in Emergency Service


We have talked about using DIGITAL VOICE (as opposed to simple FM analog) communications at our meetings. Digital Voice is using VHF or UHF FM repeaters to communicate with a digital signal. This is done with DMR (Digital Mobile Radio), D-Star (Digital Services to Amateur Radio), or Fusion (Yaesu's proprietary version of digital radio).

Below is an example of the use of digital communications (using DMR radios in this instance - AnyTone 878 DMR radios) that happens in Ft. Wayne each year; the use is quite similar to our Sunburst Marathon experience each year. However, the use of digital radios carries with it the advantages we have discussed at our meetings.

Note that while the video demonstrates DMR use, it would be relatively simple to use a "talkgroup" or "reflector" that is capable of "crossbanding" as we have discussed. This means that different users could be in contact with the entire group while using either a DMR or D-Star radio.

Watch the video below to see the WANE Channel 15 news report of the Fort4Fitness Event.

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